Why we started this

Poker is our life. We love it, we leave it, we dream about it, and would play all the time if we could.  Many of our friends and family ask us to teach them how to play.  They want to know how to play so they can play at family gatherings, the weekend party when a game breaks out, or to expand their knowledge of gambling (aside from the slot machines).  Watching poker on TV is fun, it’s exciting, and HOW DO I BECOME THE NEXT MILLIONAIRE?  

We are here to help! No pressure, no silly questions, just the fun of the game!

Doyle Brunson once said that Texas Hold’em is the Cadillac of poker! Well HE SHOULD KNOW!!! I mean after all he is the Godfather of Poker! 

Mike Sexton said “It takes five minutes to learn but a lifetime to master.” Don’t you have 5 minutes?

If you just want to learn the basics~ we are happy to teach you! There is no one there to judge you or think you are being silly.  Poker is fun, SO have fun with us!

YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO PLAY??? Terrific! Let us help you improve your game with the people and coaches that have been there, done that!  Want to learn a bit more about bet sizing besides the typical 3X the big blind….. we can teach you how and more importantly WHY?!

3 Stacks is here for you to enjoy the experience of playing the game of champions, whether you are a beginner ~~ OR you are wanting to be the next champion bracelet winner of the world!

JOIN US!!! We are happy to have you!  Membership Sign-Up


QUIT MONKEYING AROUND!!! What’cha waiting for?